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Microsoft Relationship: Windows 2000

Windows 2000 is in many ways a breakthrough product. It incorporates more new features and enhancements than could possibly be outlined here on this site. To help get you started in your evaluation of this exciting new technology, E-Sync has prepared this Overview of some key features of Windows 2000.

A Family of Networking Products: Windows 2000 is available in four configurations:

  • Windows 2000 Professional: for Desktop computing

  • Windows 2000 Server: for network file and application servers

  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server: for the most demanding network server applications, with support for multi-processor, multi-server clusters.

  • Windows 2000 Datacenter Server: the new standard for running e-commerce and data warehousing.

Speed: Windows 2000 uses a newly developed Kernel - applications run faster and smoother for much longer periods of time. Working in this new environment feels different, and better, than any other release of Windows. Working on a PC is more enjoyable and productive under Windows 2000. You simply get more done.

Reliability: Windows 2000 has eliminated a great number of re-boot scenarios, so making common changes or updates to the system takes less time. The OS is designed to deliver a constant high level of performance over long periods of time: tests show that Windows 2000 dramatically out-performs Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 under demanding workloads.

Windows 2000 is a self-repairing application, and also includes file system protections to prevent users from inadvertently making changes that could damage the system, further enhancing uptime. Time is spent working with your PC, not getting it to work.

Security: Windows 2000 incorporates cutting edge security features such as Kerberos 5 and Public Key Authentication, as well as native file encryption (NTFS Encrypted File System). Whether on the network, on the Internet, or traveling with a laptop, your data and files are more secure than ever with Windows 2000.

Plug and Play: The ease of Plug and Play hardware configuration that Windows 95/98 users enjoy is even better in Windows 2000, a first in an NT based Operating System. Supported hardware is automatically incorporated in the system and ready to use right away. For non Plug and Play devices, the Device Manager and Add New Hardware Wizard make installation and configuration a breeze.

Wizard Driven: Just about every system configuration task, from creating a new Dial Up Networking connection to configuring permissions in the Active Directory is made simple by new Wizards. You are guided step by step and prompted for key information, making even complex system tasks simple and easy.

Active Directory: The new Active Directory takes network management to a new level of ease and sophistication. Computers, Users, Printers and other network objects are organized in a logical tree that uses the same naming structure that the Internet uses. Grouping together Users, setting permissions and defining policy, managing hardware, deploying software - just about any network management task is made fast and easy in the Active Directory. IT staff can get more done and work proactively now, instead of reactively - meaning a strong benefit to the bottom line in your business' technology investment.

Developed by working closely with Customers: Five years and millions of dollars and man-hours in the making, Windows 2000 may be the most ambitious software project ever undertaken. Microsoft took the time to make sure that this OS was everything customers needed and wanted it to be.

Microsoft worked very closely with customers in the development of Windows 2000, and made sure to address both requests and complaints that had come from the years working with NT 4.0. In 1999, several major corporations engaged in extensive and unprecedented in the field pre-release testing. Microsoft itself converted its entire network - some 27,000 users - in April of 1999. The bottom line: Windows 2000 was not released until customers said it was ready.

The end result for new users today is a tested product with a track record in high-end production environments - reliability and assurance, out of the box.

This overview is just the surface of all that the Windows 2000 family of products has to offer. For more information and detail, visit Microsoft's Windows 2000 Web Site -- then call or e-mail E-Sync Networks for a hands-on, up-close, personal tour of this new technology.